The Victory Lap FAQs

If my community joins the network, do I get to decide if and when a youth moves in?

Absolutely. By joining The Victory Lap’s partner network, you are under no obligation to accept youth. Agencies in your area will consider your community when they have a youth that is appropriate for the program. You then have the opportunity to interview the youth and their case manager to see if they are a fit for your community. The youth can also job shadow for a few shifts to make sure they can meet your labor needs before they move in.

How long does the youth live and work in my community?

Because stability is so important to a youth’s development and success, we ask our partners to commit to a year assuming everything goes well. If things aren’t working, the agency can find the youth another placement at any time.

Aren’t older kids in foster care juvenile delinquents?

Just like young foster kids, older kids are usually placed in care due to neglect or abuse by their parents. Case managers generally have detailed history on the youth they serve and will not recommend a youth with behavioral problems for The Victory Lap.

How will my community be compensated for room and board services?

The child welfare agency will pay your community a negotiated monthly rate for the provision of services to the youth. Each state has its own room and board rates so inquire in the Join Us page to learn more.